Seattle ReCreative is a non-profit creative reuse store and community makerspace. They take donations of art supplies destined for the landfill and make them accessible to the community. With this revenue, they provide community services such as classes, events, and an open studio. My role with this organization is to improve the website's design and content.  It's a work in progress, so explore further by clicking on the images.

How it was before I got my hands on it

Previously, the site simply wasn't very fun to look at, and it was hard to tell exactly what the organization did based on their tagline "Creative Reuse & Art Center". "Art Center" could mean many things.  So, first and foremost, I wanted to make the landing page a more clear telling of the mission.

How it is now

Working closely with the owners, I started by changing the tagline. The physical location of Seattle ReCreative is a wonderful storefront, and the sales in the store help fund the programs. It's an inspiring space and more people need to know they can shop there!

Immediately below is the mission statement of the organization, to better make people aware that this is a non-profit with the mission of serving the community.

Below that, I created icons that click through to the various elements of Seattle ReCreative. All serving to provide clarity while being more fun to look at.